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I thank God that you have found your way to this website. The purpse of this website is for me to use it as a venue for fulfilling God's purpose for my life, which is to share with you all the wonderful and miraculous things that He has done in my life, and with my llife. At the moment, this website is under construction so I hope you don't mind this work in progress because I assure you that it will reach its completion.

What this website hopes to achieve is simply to serve as an extention of my street ministry where many of you were directed to this site by receiving a tract from me or someone else who received a tract from me and passed it one to you. It is my 4th version of such a website and promises to be a very informative and inspirational one.

At the forefront of the information presented here are my testimonials that present indisputable truth of how God's hand has worked in my life, and hopefully will serve as undisputed truth for you that God is still in the miracle working business. Though I am not an ordained minister, I am - as we all are - commissioned by God to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all mankind by witnessing about God's saving grace and His astonishing favor bestowed on those whom He loves and has called to His Kinddm. If you, dear friend, have found your way to this website, that means God has surely lead you here and is about to bless you beyond anything you could ever ask or think.  "Woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel." 1 Cor 9:16.    Read more

Here are some testimonials that will stir your soul. Click here to read my latest testimony on how I became employed by one of the most successful technology businesses here in Atlanta.

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How I got to Chicago

This testimoial once again woke me up to how the favor of God can work in the life of the believer. It happened right after I stopped swimming in the pool of hopelessness and stepped out  into the waters of faith.


How I got to Boca Raton

This testimonial once again called on me to set out for a job with no means of how I was going to live. I had no money when I got there and no place to sleep but God ... enough said. See for yourself


My Story - "Flashes of Lightning: An electrifying tale of redemption."

This is a work in progress but soon to be released to publishing houses. Feel free to take a peek.