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My witness for Christ


I have included a listing of my writings, which are really a compilation of my journals and personal testimonies, to hopefully help arm many with vital and valuable spiritual weapons, food for thought, and words of wisdom. Enjoy!


And they overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus) and the word of their testimony ... Revelation 12:11

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My story - Flashes of Lightning (by DW, 2004) A hard-hitting chronology that explores the dark side of my life, and how God saved me from death and destruction repeatedly.

How I got to Chicago (by DW, 2012) This testimonial illustrates how the favor of God can work in the life of the believer. It happened right after I stopped swimming in the pool of hopelessness and stepped out  into the waters of faith.

How I got to Boca Raton (by DW, 2013) This testimonial once again called on me to set out for a job with no means of how I was going to live. I had no money when I got there and no place to sleep but God ... enough said. See for yourself.

Abiding with Christ (by DW, 2014) Enter the spiritual battle field of of one of Satan's most powerful strongholds.

My two cents on saggin pants (by DW, 2008)) A tragic tale connecting a recent event with stark realities of saggin pants, and its connection to idolatry within the modern church.

My 40 day Purpose Driven Life journal (by DW, 2003) A 40 day chronicle of one of the darkest times in my life, and how my faith made the difference.

My 6 day water fast (by DW, 2007) A day by day account of my spiritual and emotional state of mind as I attempt to show my carnal nature whose the boss.

The robbery (by DW, 2007)) A terrifying and nerve-wrecking testimony about how God sees us through when we need him most.

Douglas ... come forth! (by DW, 2007) A chronicle of my brief stay in the County jail, and my plot to commit a murder.

Kiss - keep it simple stupid (by DW, 2005) My perspective that things are not as complicated as you think.

Once again ... stepping out on faith (by DW, 2007) A gripping chronicle that dares to give the reader an un-obscured view of one of Atlanta's recovery centers.

Psalms 22 food for thought (by DW, 2004)� Perspective on the crucifixion.

Soldier in the army of the Lord (by DW, 2005) Thoughts on being a soldier as opposed to being a civil servant.

The old woman and her 12 kids (by DW, 2007) An interestingly imaginative and though-provoking view of the Old and New Testaments.

The talents God gives us (by DW, 2005) Our talents take many forms.

What God's word says about profanity (by DW, 2003) Scriptures that weigh in on how we should view profanity. You may be surprised.

Requiem to excess baggage (by DW, 2004) A tantalizingly hilarious look into the heart and soul of romances gone wrong.

You may be a biblical redneck (by DW, 2004) A thought-provoking listing of some of the reasons why you may wear this label.

The question of immodest dressing: What is too much for the church? - by M. Thaxter Dickey Mr. Dickey's remarks should be a model for Christian churches everywhere.

Cables (by DW, 2009) Provocative, but hilarious, thoughts about life absent of God's mercy.�

Stop saggin (by DW, 2009) A poem reflecting my personal outrage and indignation regarding the
acceptance of such an undignified and contemptuous fashion statement.      


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Taking it to the streets for Jesus -final from steffensdaddy on Vimeo.

The Question of Christian Dress for Women from steffensdaddy on Vimeo.