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My Testimonials

My library consists of both my testimonials and the trials I've had to endure over the years while walking with the Lord, and those writings I have deemed to be spiritually uplifting and comforting.  It also contains what I hope to be for you dear reader food for thought and meditation. Of course, the flagship of my writing is my story, which is really not my life story but my life  as it has been touched by the mighty and miraculous power of God. It is about how a very foolish man's actions and behavior made it virtually impossible for him to survive, "but by the grace of God." 


It was during this time that I felt that I was somehow being protected and comforted by God in spite of my very sinful ways. I would constantly ask myself during an episode of heartfelt crying, "Who am I, and why is God so mindful of me?" It mostly made me uneasy about why my life and circumstances had come to the attention of such a holy God when I was so out of control and being overwhelmed by the desire to commit such egregious sin. You might say, God knew my path and wanted to bring me through my trials and tribulations because of his great love for me, and also because he had a purpose for my life that transcended my sins because I belonged to him and he would not lose me. I urge you to read it for yourself, as well as the other testimonials here, and see for yourself how God is still in the miracle working business.  

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